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the other side - serfaus - Vernissage 09 July 2023

Protagonists | Georg Loewit

What do we know about the other body that we encounter when we interact with, walk into, and over space, when we position ourselves in it, and assemble a body image from the single fragments of perception from which we can say that this is what we see, and nothing else?

Georg Loewit exhibits 12 of his protagonists in Serfaus and the Muiren for this summer.

Susanne Loewit at Muirenhof

Illustrations & Tyrolean Sagas

In Innsbruck-based artist Susanne Loewit, Sabine Hochenegger has found the ideal partner to make her idea of a metamorphosis of tradition and the present perceptible artistically in the house. In recent years, Susanne Loewit has intensively studied the cultural heritage of the Tyrolean sagas and, for her part, has retold the historical content and juxtaposed it with her own visual worlds.

In the book Tiroler Sagen. Bis in alle Gegenwart, Susanne Loewit retold 22 sagas from North, East and South Tyrol and illustrated them with contemporary models as they are present in the various media every day. Some of the illustrations created in the course of this saga project now hang in Muirenhof. The book you can purchase exclusively signed by hand in the Muirenhof Shop.

A good night’s sleep is not a luxury

Are you familiar with Hästens?

Hästens is committed to producing the best beds in the world - handmade in Sweden and made exclusively from the finest natural materials. They have been doing exactly this for almost 170 years. The result feels like a wonderful, intimate hug night after night - at least that's how Hästens fans describe it. In our Muirenhof family suites and the "Sattelkopf" and "Panorama" rooms, you can try out the feeling for yourself!