The Muirenhof is a home-away-from home for refined guests who appreciate tranquillity and cordiality. The experience should be stylish and free from stress, yet cosmopolitan and authentic. Our family-operated Hotel Garni, which boasts 6 spacious apartments, 4 new family suites & 2 rooms, is located on the eponymous "Muiren” hill and is blessed with ample sun and stunning panoramic views.

What makes us stand out?

Honestly, we don't like talking about ourselves that much. That which makes the Muirenhof special is also difficult to put into words, and must be experienced first-hand to be understood. Our regular guests appreciate the fact that we have remained down-to-earth ever since the early days of operation in 1970 and that we still appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Now operating in our 3rd generation, guests also praise the ease and sensitivity with which we continue to develop and combine the old with the new. That's why Susanne Loewit's paintings fit in so well at the Muirenhof. With her modern illustrations featuring Tyrolean legends, the artist (who is also our friend) captures the character of the establishment to a tee.


No colour, no fabric cover, no piece of furniture is based on chance. Everything at the Muirenhof is designed to be cosy and to touch the senses. Kitsch has no place here. Instead, free spaces and clear design lines do their job. We’d also rather have fewer apartments and rooms, but have them be of higher quality with plenty of space for each individual guest.


Friendly words characterise our interactions at the Muirenhof. Before you know it, you’ll be on a first name basis with a feeling of belonging. At the same time, everyone’s private sphere is respected and protected. After all, closeness and respect are top priorities. 


These are not empty words, but a philosophy that we actively practice. At the Muirenhof, you can taste our regional pride - starting at breakfast and ending with the Prutzer Edelbrand schnapps as a nightcap. Naturally, we also rely on local wood, regional craftsmanship, art from local Tyrolean artists, and great employees from the local village. 


Every day, we’re thankful to our ancestors for having built their farm on the Muiren Hill, of all places. Located just a stone's throw from the 17th century Muir Chapel, here we enjoy both tranquillity and unobstructed panoramic views. Not to mention the fact that we are ideally situated for countless activities in Serfaus such as skiing, hiking, biking or family fun in the mountains.


Made with love.
For the art of enjoyment.

the MUIREN LOUNGE & Sun terrace

Since the summer of 2021, the lounge has become the beating heart of the Muirenhof and a popular meeting place for house guests, locals and your hosts. Sometimes guests are busy chatting animatedly, at other times they find quiet time for themselves, perhaps absorbed in a book or taking in the panoramic views over Serfaus to the local Furgler mountain. Comfortable seating is available both indoors or outdoors on the sun terrace. A well-stocked bar and regional delicacies are served with a smile. Indeed, it’s a lovely place to linger ...  

Mon, Tue, Thu - Sat from 3 pm - 10 pm 

Tiroler Sagen. Bis in alle Gegenwart Susanne Loewit im Muirenhof

während der Öffnungszeiten
Muiren Lounge
Sabine Hochenegger hat mit der in Innsbruck lebenden Künstlerin Susanne Loewit die ideale Partnerin gefunden, ihre Idee einer Metamorphose von Tradition und Gegenwart auch künstlerisch im Haus spürbar zu machen. Treten Sie ein und bestaunen Sie im Muirenhof die Bilder von Susanne Loewit und bringen Sie ein bisschen Zeit mit, um im Buch Tiroler Sagen. Bis in alle Gegenwart, zu blättern.

Kunst am Muiren Georg Loewits Protagonisten

Juni - Oktober
Der Tiroler Künstler Georg Loewit bespielte mit seinen Protagonisten die Serfauser Fußgängerzone und den Muiren im Sommer 2023. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass zwei Protagonisten noch bei uns am Muiren stehen bleiben und bestaunt werden können. In der Muiren Lounge finden Kunst Interessierte weitere, kleinere Exemplare aus Bronze & Nußholz.

GÜ Patscheider LIVE

Juni - Oktober, Montags, genaue Termine folgen
19:30 Uhr
LIVE - MUSIC - ACOUSTIC & UNPLUGGED! GÜ tut das, was er am liebsten macht! Mit einem erstklassigen Repertoire die Muiren Lounge Gäste & Einheimische unterhalten. Mit Rock, Country oder Evergreens gibt er sein Bestes um euch in Stimmung, zum Klatschen, zum Tanzen, zum Mitsingen und zum Lachen zu bringen.

Muira Huangart #2

14:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Zahlreiche Aussteller bieten Ihre Waren an. Kommt zum Stöbern und lasst euch bestens unterhalten von der bekannten "Tiroler Wirtshausmusi".

Muira Huangart #3

14:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Verschiedene Aussteller tummeln sich am Muiren. Für Stimmung und Unterhaltung sorgen die Musikanten "Zammg'spielten"

The Muirenhof Newsletter

I would like to be informed about:

A place like no other.
basecamp, dream location.

Our location in Serfaus could not be better. Located on the Muiren, the green (or white) hill at the beginning of the village, means that we have plenty of sunshine, peace and beautiful views to offer guests. Let your gaze wander to the Muirenkapelle chapel, Serfaus and the surrounding mountains. At the same time, it’s just a few short steps to the subway, the cable cars & slopes, and just 250 metres to the lively centre.


< 1 minute walking


8 minutes subway ride
15 minutes walking


When dining out in Serfaus, you’ll be spoilt for choice: From classic Tyrolean dishes to international cuisine, from rustic inns in the village to elegant lounges in the mountains, the range of choice is wide, the quality high, and the cosiness guaranteed... And the best part: This sheer culinary variety is just around the corner from the Muirenhof. Even closer at hand is the in-house Muiren Lounge, which features regional snacks and handpicked bar drinks. 


Everything needed to prepare home-cooked meals in one of our apartments is available from local supermarkets, delicatessens and bakeries in the centre of Serfaus. Various regional foods for breakfast and a typical Tyrolean Marend snack are also on sale at the Muirenhof Shop


Whether you need sporting equipment, fashion or souvenirs, shopping in Serfaus is extremely convenient. In the lively village centre, which starts a few minutes’ walk from the Muirenhof and extends to the cable car stations, you’ll find plenty of sports shops, boutiques, drugstores, tobacconists and more. The Muirenhof Shop, which features beautiful, practical and original items, can be visited directly on site.


The cable cars are gateways to winter sports & summer mountain experiences and are just a few minutes away by subway. But you can also walk, hike and bike directly from the Muirenhof. The nearby Platöll recreational area with children's playground, outdoor swimming pool and high ropes course offers plenty of variety. 


Serfaus’s environmentally friendly transport artery can be used free of charge and will transport you comfortably from the Kirche (church) stop (less than 1 minute from the Muirenhof) to the cable car terminus and back again. A hovertrain in a small Tyrolean mountain village? This is something you’ll have to experience for yourself to believe! 


There are no fewer than three cable car stations located on the opposite side of Serfaus (a short subway ride or leisurely walk from the Muirenhof): The Komperdellbahn, Alpkopfbahn and Sunliner cable cars will whisk you straight to the top. By the way, right next to the valley stations you will find the office of the Serfaus Ski School. 

Hostess Sabine Hochenegger will personally ensure that each and every guest feels comfortable and at home at the Muirenhof. Her hardworking family in the background is always there when you need them. This is a bond can be felt and witnessed.