A good night’s sleep is not a luxury

Hästens is committed to producing the best beds in the world - handmade in Sweden and made exclusively from the finest natural materials. They have been doing exactly this for almost 170 years. The result feels like a wonderful, intimate hug night after night - at least that's how Hästens fans describe it. 

In our Muirenhof family suites and the "Sattelkopf" and "Panorama" rooms, you can try out the feeling for yourself! 

Natural materials in perfect harmony

Natural materials in perfect harmony. A Hästens bed is characterised by the comfort and support it provides to the body. It is made of breathable natural materials that regulate the temperature of your body while you sleep. Each of these materials has special, unique advantages. This combination provides you with the perfect natural sleep that Hästens is renowned for.



Horsehair is the basis of every Hästens bed. Indeed, few materials can compete with horsehair when it comes to building a bed. Each individual coiled strand of horsehair acts like a small spring and promotes the action of our internal spring system, firmness and resilience. Horsehair also features its own extremely effective ventilation system.


"Underrated performance" is how you might describe flax. As a very modest material with numerous health benefits, it contributes greatly to a peaceful night’s sleep.


Cotton allows the whole body to breathe easily and is the perfect complement to horsehair. As a materiel, it is soft, firm and comfortable.


Our foundation... The wood of slow-growing Swedish pine in a Hästens bed is, in a word, solid. It gives a Hästens bed strength and stability, and guarantees quality and durability.


Wool warms when you are cold and cools when you sweat. Wool is a natural high performance material and is incredibly flame resistant to boot.


Pressure relief and support. But you'll never know, because you'll never feel or hear a Hästens spring as they make sure your body lies harmoniously aligned.

It’s not a true holiday without good sleep 

Did you know that recovery mostly takes place at night? While you sleep, your body regenerates so that you can be wide awake in the morning and ready for the day. We hope that after a few nights in a Hästens bed you will be as convinced of this sleep system as we are. By the way, there is also a Hästens bed in our private apartment. Because alert, good-humoured and well-rested hosts are still the best, don't you agree?