The ambivalence
of individual
and type 

In his series Protagonists, Georg Loewit picks up a major subject of art history: the portrait. This is a topic reaching back until the very beginning of human cultural activity.

The other side - SERFAUS -
09 Juli 2023
Vernissage - MUIREN LOUNGE 

summer 2023
12 protagonists in Serfaus

What do we know about the other body that we literally capture as a moment in photography? What do we know about the body represented in photography, picture or sculpture, and ho does our knowledge define perception? "In order to know one has to take a stance, which requires that you move and unapologetically assume responsibility for this movement", writes the French philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman in "Wenn die Bilder Position beziehen".

Georg Loewit shadows his protagonists, he moves with them. He takes photos of the rear view, the inversion of the current pose in which the overspent, the swollen and bent body, its weight, its gender role, its fragility and its willpower are revealed. He photographs humans in city squares, buildings, on beaches, at pools, on ferries, and with them, objects that identify these people as tourists. In the creative process from photographic adaptation or the position of the voyeur. He responds to what he sees by describing his analysis and perception of the motive when transcribing the copy into a different medium.

When through the hands of the artist the sculpture emerges out of the wooden block as an answer to the photography, the comprehension is not only to be conceptually but also concretely understood.

text | Doris Eibl


Position - perspective -Translation

The protagonists made of wood, bronze or aluminium have a front side, which brings the other of the position and the perspective of the artist as well as the oberver into play.