New playground at Fisser Schönjoch

tiscover the brandnew mine with exciting activities and the story of the giant "golden man"

new in summer 2017

Once upon a time, a giant, called ‘golden man’, retreated into the Fiss mountains for some peace and quiet and, over time, he grew into the rock. Since then, there has been a seam of gold in the rock that was once the golden heart of the man.

Night after night greedy gnomes dug for the gold. Fulgenz, a brave herdsman from Fiss, and his friends embarked on an adventure to stop the evil gnomes. After the golden man’s breath had turned the gnomes to stone, the quarry was converted into a pure play paradise.

This is where mine workers of all ages can now enjoy a range of exciting activities, including balancing devices, coordination structures, climbing frames, slides, swings, a labyrinth and an adventure cave tunnel.

Sommer & Herbst

Wandern in Serfaus

Sommer in Serfaus!

Die Top-Familienregion rund um Serfaus, Fiss und Ladis ist ein Paradies für große und kleine Abenteurer
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der Winter in Serfaus

Winter in Serfaus!

Alles da für Schneefans in Tirols Ski-Dimension!
Das Großraumskigebiet erstreckt sich von 1.400 m bis 2.800 m und ist weit mehr als nur ein gemeinsamer Skipass
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Apartments & Zimmer

Zimmer und Ferienwohnung in Serfaus

Apartments und Zimmer im Muirenhof!

Finden Sie das Apartment, das zu Ihnen und Ihren Wohlfühlferien passt
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