Do you know Hästens?

Hästens was born in 1852, and with it their Spirit of Excellence. An ideology that lies in the connection between the master craftsman and the bed; one deriving from skills, pride and devotion. It’s the source of the passion that has driven Hästens to pursue its path for six generations; fulfilling dreams with handcrafted all-natural beds of unmatched quality.

We decided to put a Hästens bed in each of our new rooms and suites. For you - for a better sleep. Here at Muirenhof you can try and feel a Hästens bed.


No fast-track procedures. Working by hand Hästens create the best beds in the world.

Behind every Hästens bed, from the feet up, are hundreds of man hours of iterations, research, development and design considerations. A true case of design thinking in every aspect of its construction; with every element performing numerous individual tasks that add up to the whole Hästens experience of perfect sleep.

Sleep lies in the details. The engineering of the bed. In the devotion of the master craftsman’s work and handling of the all-natural materials. The selection of slow-growing pine from Sweden’s north. It’s flax; durable and anti-static. Softest cotton distributed by hand. Breathable, temperature-regulating wool. And horsetail hair, breathable and naturally springy.

natural materials in perfect harmonie

Hästens only uses what they consider to be the finest natural materials. Sustainably produced and ethically sourced – so that those materials can be given a new life one day. A product that comes from nature wants to return to nature and that’s how it should be.


The foundation for Hästens beds, the humble horsehair is Hästens most beloved material.
And it's got some of the most wondrous properties.


Letting the whole body breath easily, cotton is the perfect complement to horsehair.
Soft, strong and sympathetic.


Wool is warm when you're cold and cool when you're roasting. Wool is nature's
performance material, and it's also incredibly flame-resistant!


"Understated performance", is how flax might be described. A very humble material with numerous health benefits to help you sleep peacefully.


Our rock... The slow-grown Swedish pine in a Hästens is, in a word, solid. It gives the strength and stability of Hästens, a bearer of quality and reassurance.


Pressure relief and support. But you'd never know because you'll never feel or hear a Hästens spring as they work to keep your body aligned harmoniously.



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